Forward thinking digital mental health technologies

We are a unique, hybrid development studio based in Newcastle, Australia, working at the intersection of clinical psychology and technology.

Our focus is to co-design, build, and scale up innovative digital solutions to address the growing mental health crisis.

AcmeMindsA brief self-report prototype

Checking in

Hi, how are you today?
  • Feeling great
  • Excited
  • Unsure
  • Where do I start...?

We've worked with clinicians and researchers from leading organisations

  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • The Family Psychology Clinic
  • The Compassionate Mind Research Group

Technology as a bridge between the clinic and the home

We believe that hybrid approaches are the future of mental health supports.

We’re experimenting with new ways to use digital supports as scaffolding to increase clinical efficacy and engagement, and help reduce the worldwide burden of mental illness — without sacrificing the best parts of genuine empathy, human connection and therapeutic know-how.

Dr James Kirby

Case study

An innovative digital measure for use in compassion focused therapy

A brief, digital measure of the three key emotion and motivation systems for self-monitoring and psychoeducation

If you are a researcher wanting to develop and evaluate mental health programs that work in the digital space, a good developer isn’t just helpful — it is a necessity. And a developer who understands clinical and research contexts makes it even better again. Ideas aren’t only improved, they are transformed into something better than what could be ever imagined alone.

--Dr James Kirby, Senior Lecturer and Trainer, Compassionate Mind Training Australia

Our mission: - Improve mental health through innovative tools that have real impact and are a joy to use.

We work with Universities, non-profits and clinics to co-design digital tools that complement and support mental health research and practice.

  • Co-design and discovery. Specialists in co-designing digital mental health tools, informed by extensive clinical experience.
  • User experience experts. Gain insights into the user experience early and often, and then iterate.
  • Research collaboration. Collaboration at any stage of the research, development and evaluation process for new mental health initiatives.
  • Build and ship. Prototypes, proof-of-concept and larger builds using modern frameworks and best-practice coding standards.

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