Forward thinking digital mental health technologies

We are a unique, hybrid development studio based in Newcastle, Australia, working at the intersection of clinical psychology and technology.

Our focus is to co-design, build, and scale up innovative digital solutions for better mental health.

AcmeMindsA brief self-report prototype

Checking in

Hi, how are you today?
  • Feeling great
  • Excited
  • Unsure
  • Where do I start...?

We've worked with clinicians and researchers from leading organisations

  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • The Family Psychology Clinic
  • The Compassionate Mind Research Group

Our mission: - Improve mental health through digital technology that is a joy to use and has real impact.

We build, prototype and evaluate new digital tools, resources and platforms that complement and support mental health research and practice.

  • Co-design and discovery. Specialists in co-designing digital mental health tools, informed by extensive clinical experience.
  • User experience experts. We seek to understand the user journey and gain insights into the user experience early and often.
  • Research collaboration. Collaboration at any stage of the research, development and evaluation process for new mental health initiatives.
  • Build and ship. Prototypes, proof-of-concept and larger builds using modern frameworks and best-practice coding standards.

If you are a researcher wanting to develop and evaluate mental health programs that work in the digital space, a developer who understands clinical and research contexts is a necessity.

By working together, our ideas were improved and transformed into something far better than what I had originally envisioned.

--Associate Professor James Kirby, Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Compassionate Mind Research Group

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