About us - A digital studio that speaks your language

Our mission is to craft innovative, creative and engaging digital tools for the mental health sector — grounded in evidence-based principles, along with a healthy dose of playfulness and curiosity.

Digital mental health projects have complex requirements that are often not well-supported by off-the-shelf products. When you have specific clinical, UX or evaluation goals in the digital health space, working collaboratively with clinician-developers can be a game-changer for your project.

As specialists with a unique mix of experience in clinical psychology settings, research evaluation, and expertise in modern web and mobile technologies, we really do speak your language.

This is our jam - Can we help you?

  • Develop. Specialists in co-designing digital mental health tools, informed by extensive clinical experience.
  • Build. Prototypes, proof-of-concept and scale-up builds using modern frameworks and best-practice coding standards.
  • Evaluate. Collaboration at any stage of the research, development and evaluation process, including statistical analysis.


  • Dr Jamin Day

    Founder / Creative Director

  • Dr Jamin Day is a registered psychologist, software developer and creative director of Three Circles Psychology. He has a PhD in digital behavioural psychology interventions and has worked in clinical settings for more than a decade.

    Jamin regularly consults with stakeholders, colleagues and end-users on digital projects that are tailored for use in the mental health research and practice sector.

    He currently holds Honorary Lecturer positions at both the University of Queensland (School of Psychology) and the University of Newcastle, Australia (School of Creative Industries), and has multiple peer-reviewed publications about digital behavioural technologies, family wellbeing and compassion science.

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